5G LDPC-V Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683670
Date 12/12/2022

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3.1. 5G LDPC-V IP Directory Structure

The IP includes a c_model, matlab, src, simulation_scripts, and test_data directory.
Table 5.  Files in the c_model Directory

Other .c and .cpp files in c_model are obfuscated models of different blocks.

File Description
ldpc5g_tx_chain.c Clear-text transmitter chain wrapper
ldpc5g_tx_chain_test.c Clear-text transmitter chain testbench
ldpc5g_rx_chain.cpp Clear-text receiver chain wrapper
ldpc5g_rx_chain_test.cpp Clear-text receiver chain testbench
ldpc5g_gen_tc.c Clear-text test cases for transmitter and receiver chain
Table 6.  Directories in the src Directory
File Description
aldec Encrypted RTL files for Aldec
cadence Encrypted RTL files for NCSim
siemens Encrypted RTL files for Questa
synopsys Encrypted RTL files for VCS