Intel® Stratix® 10 Device Security User Guide

ID 683642
Date 7/20/2022

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5.4. Physical Anti-Tamper

You enable the physical anti-tamper features using the following steps:
  1. Selecting the desired response to a detected tamper event
  2. Configuring the desired tamper detection methods and parameters
  3. Including the anti-tamper IP in your design logic to help manage anti-tamper events

Anti-tamper features are not supported on -V devices. To enable anti-tamper features, ensure you have a non-V device. For a non-V device, when you use either or both attestation or the anti-tamper security features, you cannot use the Secure Debug Authorization feature, and you must program a virtual owner root key hash using the provision firmware. Similarly, if you need to use Secure Debug Authorization, you cannot turn on either or both a device attestation or the anti-tamper security features in your design.

Table 5.  Available Security Features for a Non-V Device
Security Features Attestation / Anti-Tamper
On Off
Conditional public key entry Not supported Supported
Owner root key virtual fusing Provision firmware only Provision firmware only

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