Errata Sheet and Guidelines for MAX 10 ES Devices

ID 683630
Date 6/12/2015

3. Document Revision History

Date Version Changes
June 2015 2015.06.12 Updated the note in Device Errata and Device Guidelines chapters: ES devices are not intended to be used for volume production or device qualification testing.
March 2015 2015.03.06
  • Added EMIF guideline: ES devices are intended to be used at nominal voltage and nominal temperature only for DDR3 external memory interface (EMIF) support.
  • Removed transient current guidelines.
  • Added Migration Guidelines.
November 2014 2014.11.11
  • Added total harmonic distortion specifications for 10M08 ES devices in ADC Prescalar errata.
  • Added errata for timing model adjustment.
September 2014 2014.09.22 Initial release.