Errata Sheet and Guidelines for MAX 10 ES Devices

ID 683630
Date 6/12/2015

1. Device Errata for MAX 10 ES Devices

This errata sheet provides information about known device issues affecting MAX® 10 engineering sample (ES) devices.
  • ES devices are not intended to be used for volume production or device qualification testing.
  • ES devices are intended to be used at nominal voltage and nominal temperature only for DDR3 external memory interface (EMIF) support.
Table 1.  Device Errata for MAX 10 ES DevicesThis table lists the specific device issues and the affected MAX® 10 ES devices.
Issue Affected Devices Planned Fix
ADC Prescalar
  • ADC prescalar gain error
  • ADC prescalar THD performance
10M08 ES Production Devices
ESD Performance

HBM ESD performance for MAX® 10 ES devices is below target level

10M08 ES Production Devices
Timing Model Adjustment

Timing model adjustment on I/O-to-Core and Core-to-I/O for MAX® 10 ES devices

10M08 ES Updated Timing Model in the Quartus II software version 15.0

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