Intel® Acceleration Stack for Intel® Xeon® CPU with FPGAs Version 2.0 Release Notes: For the Intel FPGA Programmable Acceleration Card D5005

ID 683594
Date 8/05/2019

Intel® Acceleration Stack v2.0 Features

Table 3.  Features of the Intel® Acceleration Stack v2.0
Feature Description
PCIe Gen3x16 The FPGA communicates with the host CPU through PCIe Gen3x16 interface provided by the Intel® Stratix® 10.
Partial Reconfiguration Support Provides the ability to dynamically swap out an AFU within the FIM.
Remote Signal Tap Provides the ability to debug over the PCIe link. This feature combines virtual JTAG IP and the system console remote debugging capability.
Remote Flash Update Supports in-band updates of board management controller image on the board management controller and updates to the FPGA image in QSPI flash.
Multi-card Support Allows for more than one Intel® FPGA PAC D5005 card to be inserted into the system.
Virtualization The Intel® Stratix® 10 provides virtualization capability by being SR-IOV enabled PCIe endpoint.
Interrupts Supports physical function (PF) to virtual function (VF) communication through interrupts.
Networking Support High-Speed Serial Interface (HSSI) PHY support for 8x10GbE.
Telemetry support through OPAE Provides telemetry data using the OPAE fpgainfo command.
Board sensor, thermal and power monitoring Provides board sensor, temperature and power data using the OPAE fpgainfo command and graceful thermal and power handling using the OPAE pacd service.
Sample AFUs The following AFUs examples are provided with the Intel® Acceleration Stack for Intel® Xeon® CPU with FPGAs:
  • dma_afu
  • streaming_dma_afu
  • eth_e2e_e10
  • hello_afu
  • hello_mem_afu
  • hello_intr_afu
  • nlb_mode_0
  • nlb_mode_0_stp
  • nlb_mode_3
DDR4 memory 32GB DDR4 divided into 4 banks of 8GB with error checking and correction (ECC).
Operating System Supports Red Hat* Enterprise Linux* (RHEL) 7.6 Kernel version 3.10.0-957.
OPAE Provides integrated OPAE APIs.
  • Support for fpgaflash command
  • Support for fpgainfo command with telemetry
Intel® Accelerator Functional Unit (AFU) Simulation Environment (ASE) Co-simulation environment support for validating AFU compliance to protocols and APIs.