Generic Flash Programmer User Guide: Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition

ID 683495
Date 3/28/2022
Document Table of Contents Modifying Programming Flows

You can modify and preserve the flows for Initialization, Program, Erase, Verify/Blank-Check/Examine, and Termination operations for a flash memory device for supported devices. For each operation, you can drag and drop Actions (such as Read Register) into locations in the flow to match the programming requirements of your flash memory device.
Note: For Intel® Stratix® 10 devices, the Secure Device Manager (SDM) firmware controls the flash programming flows, and you cannot modify these flows.
Modifying a programming flow affects all .jic files that use that programming flow.

Follow these steps to modify a default programming flow:

  1. Define a new configuration device, as Defining a New Flash Memory Configuration Device describes.
  2. In the Configuration Device dialog box, click an available Action on the Initialization, Program, Erase, Verify/Blank-Check/Examine, and Termination tabs.
  3. With the Action selected, drag the action to an arrow point in the flow graphic. The arrow icon changes to indicate when the placement is legal, at which point you can release the mouse to place the Action in the flow. Alternatively, right-click in the flow graphic to add, delete, copy, or paste an Action from the menu.
    Figure 19. Modifying Initialization Flow
  4. To modify the properties of an Action, click the action in the flow graphic. The editable properties appear in the adjacent pane, as Programming Flow Action Properties describes.
  5. When you are satisfied with the modifications, click Apply. The flow preserves with your new configuration device definition, and applies during the flash device programming.