Intel® FPGA Software Installation and Licensing

ID 683472
Date 12/13/2021

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Document Table of Contents Command-Line Options

The available command-line arguments for the installer are:

Option Description
--help Displays the installer help.
--version Displays product information.
--unattendedmodeui <unattendedmodeui>

Specifies whether the installation requires user interaction. This argument is useful with unattended mode. Options are:

  • none—(Default) Installation does not require user interaction, and no output appears.
  • minimal—Installation does not require user interaction. A pop-up box shows the installation progress.
  • minimalWithDialogs—In addition to the installation progress bar, other pop-ups appear. This mode may require user interaction.
Note: If you install in unattended mode, you must also include the --accept_eula 1 option.
--mode <mode>

Specifies the installation mode.

For Linux, the available modes are:
  • qt (Default)
  • gtk
  • xwindow
  • text
  • unattended
For Windows* , the available modes are:
  • qt (Default)
  • win32
  • unattended
--accept_eula 1

States that you accept the Intel FPGA End User License Agreement.

This option is mandatory when you use unattended mode.

Note: To view the license agreement files prior to installation, run the installer with the --install-lic command-line option.
--disable-components <disable-components> Specifies which components you want to disable, in a comma-separated list.
--installdir <installdir> Specifies the target installation directory for Intel FPGA software.

Refer to Download and Installation Prerequisites for the default installation directories.

--product_copy_name <product_copy_name> If you install multiple copies of the same software with the same version on Windows, it specifies the installation name. Default=none.
--install-lic <install_lic> Specifies the target directory for the license agreement files.