AN 699: Using the Altera Ethernet Design Toolkit

ID 683469
Date 5/13/2016
Public Traffic Controller Tab

After checking the IP status and verifying that the system is ready for traffic, use this tab to configure the traffic generator to start the traffic and view the test result.

Channel Setting

Because the tested design is a multi-channel design, you need to specify the channel to configure the traffic generator and monitor modules. The value for Number of Channels option must be the same as the NUM_CHANNELS parameter you set in the top level design file. The default value is “2” because the design has been pre-compiled with two channels.

When specifying the number of channels, select All if you want all the packet generator in the channel to have the same configuration setting.

Packet Generator

The available settings include burst size, packet data pattern (Random/Sequential), payload length (Random: 64-1518 bytes /Fixed : based on the value set in fixed length) and also the MAC source and destination address (HEX). Click Configure Packet Generator to start the configuration process for the generator. Next, click Start Sending Packet to start the packet traffic for a particular channel, which is based on the channel value you set earlier.

Packet Monitor

For design verification, the TX packets in the packet generator goes through a loopback and is received by the packet monitor. When the traffic ends, the packet monitor automatically reports the total good packets received, total CRC error packets received, number of octets received, and also the calculated throughput value.