AN 699: Using the Altera Ethernet Design Toolkit

ID 683469
Date 5/13/2016
Public Ethernet Design Toolkit Tabs and Settings

The Ethernet Design toolkit GUI has three tabs. Each tab has a procedure description to help you utilize the tab functions for hardware validation.
Table 1.  Ethernet Design Toolkit GUI Tabs
Tab Function
IP Configurations
Configures the Altera MAC and PHY IP cores.
  • MAC configuration: TX pad and CRC insertion, RX pad and CRC removal, and the maximum frame length.
  • PHY configuration: Speed setting, duplex setting, and auto negotiation.
IP Status
Checks the Altera MAC and PHY IP core status.
  • MAC statistics counters and PHY status register report.
  • Verify the readiness of the IP cores for traffic.
Traffic Controller
Configures the traffic generator to start the traffic and monitor test results.
  • Packet Generator: Select the burst size, data pattern, payload length, and MAC address.
  • Packet Monitor: View the results of the RX data and throughput.