AN 871: Quick Guide for Intel® Arria® 10 and Intel® Cyclone® 10 GX Transceiver High-Speed Link Tuning

ID 683449
Date 9/26/2018

1.4. Optimizing for Crosstalk at High Datarates

A high-speed link may suffer from near-end crosstalk at high datarates (rates greater than 17 Gbps). The higher the datarate, the more likely it is for crosstalk to contribute to a high BER. When the Transceiver Toolkit's Auto Sweep feature does not yield a satisfactory result, you must compensate for crosstalk components.
  1. Use TX Pre-emphasis Post-Tap 1 and RX CTLE to mitigate the crosstalk effect.
    1. Tune each channel sequentially with all neighboring channels disabled.
    2. After tuning each channel, enable all channels concurrently with the respective channels' optimized settings.
    3. If not all channels have acceptable BERs, evaluate each channel with the Transceiver Toolkit.
  2. When you run multiple concurrent channels, a crosstalk component may cause one or more (not all) channels to have a high BER. For the victim channel, repeat Optimizing Your Settings to increase the (TX) Post-Tap and (RX) CTLE until the BER is acceptable.