AN 805: Hierarchical Partial Reconfiguration of a Design on Intel® Arria® 10 SoC Development Board

ID 683409
Date 11/06/2017

Adding a New Persona to the Design

After fully compiling your base revisions, you can still add new personas and individually compile these personas.

For example, to define a new child persona for blinking_led_parent_slow, that turns led_three off:

  1. Copy to
  2. In the file, modify the assignment, assign led_three_on = 1'b0; to assign led_three_on = 1'b1;. Ensure you change the module name from blinking_led_child_empty to blinking_led_child_off .
  3. Create a new synthesis revision, blinking_led_child_off, by following the steps in Creating Synthesis-Only Revisions.
    Note: The blinking_led_child_off revision must use the file.
  4. Create a new implementation revision, blinking_led_pr_foxtrot, by following the steps in Creating Implementation Revisions.
  5. Update the a10_​hier_partial_​reconfig/​setup.tcl file to define the new PR implementation:
    define_pr_impl_partition -impl_rev_name blinking_led_pr_foxtrot \
            -partition_name pr_partition \
            -source_rev_name blinking_led_child_off \
            -source_partition root_partition \
            -source_snapshot synthesized
    define_pr_impl_partition -impl_rev_name blinking_led_pr_foxtrot \
            -partition_name pr_parent_partition \
            -source_rev_name blinking_led_pr_delta \
            -source_partition pr_parent_partition \
            -source_snapshot final
  6. Compile just this new synthesis and implementation revision by running the following command:
    quartus_sh –t a10_hier_partial_reconfig/flow.tcl –setup_script \
            a10_hier_partial_reconfig/setup.tcl –all_syn
    quartus_sh -t a10_hier_partial_reconfig/flow.tcl -setup_script \
            a10_hier_partial_reconfig/setup.tcl -all_impl

For complete information on hierarchical partial reconfiguration for Intel® Arria® 10 devices, refer to Creating a Partial Reconfiguration Design in Volume 1 of the Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition Handbook.