OpenCL* Quick Start User Guide: Intel FPGA Programmable Acceleration Card D5005

ID 683324
Date 7/21/2020

2.1.1. Release Content

When you install the Intel® Acceleration Stack package and run the initialization script, the environment variables are set. The $OPAE_PLATFORM_ROOT points to the extracted installation package. The release includes the following files for OpenCL located in the $OPAE_PLATFORM_ROOT/opencl folder:
  • 2.0.1 OpenCL* Board Support Package (BSP):
    • opencl_bsp.tar.gz
  • OpenCL* example designs tested with:
    • exm_opencl_hello_world_x64_linux.tgz
    • exm_opencl_vector_add_x64_linux.tgz
  • Pre-compiled kernels <aocx>:
    • hello_world.aocx
    • vector_add.aocx