OpenCL* Quick Start User Guide: Intel FPGA Programmable Acceleration Card D5005

ID 683324
Date 7/21/2020

6. Compiling OpenCL* Kernels

Before compiling an OpenCL* kernel, you must install the Intel® Acceleration Stack for Development.
  1. Set the user environment variable using one of the following commands:
    source <DEV Install Path>/
  2. Ensure that the environment is setup with correct BSP using the following command:
    aoc -list-boards
    Example sample output:
    Board list:
    Board Package: /tools/<username>/dcp_2_0_1_PV_RC2/inteldevstack/d5005_ias_2_0_1_b237/opencl/opencl_bspBoard list:
  3. Compile an OpenCL Kernel to an aocx using commands similar to the following:
    cd $OPAE_PLATFROM_ROOT/opencl/vector_add
    aoc device/ -o bin/vector_add.aocx -board pac_s10_dc