BCH IP Core: User Guide

ID 683320
Date 2/13/2017

2.1.1. OpenCore Plus IP Evaluation

The free OpenCore® Plus feature allows you to evaluate licensed MegaCore IP cores in simulation and hardware before purchase. Purchase a license for MegaCore IP cores if you decide to take your design to production. OpenCore Plus supports the following evaluations:
  • Simulate the behavior of a licensed IP core in your system.
  • Verify the functionality, size, and speed of the IP core quickly and easily.
  • Generate time-limited device programming files for designs that include IP cores.
  • Program a device with your IP core and verify your design in hardware.

OpenCore Plus evaluation supports the following two operation modes:

  • Untethered—run the design containing the licensed IP for a limited time.
  • Tethered—run the design containing the licensed IP for a longer time or indefinitely. This operation requires a connection between your board and the host computer.
Note: All IP cores that use OpenCore Plus time out simultaneously when any IP core in the design times out.