Mailbox Client Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683290
Date 12/04/2023
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1.2. Parameters

Parameter Name Value Description
Mailbox Client Parameters
Command FIFO Depth 1 - 1024 Depth of the command FIFO
Response FIFO Depth 1 - 1024 Depth of the response FIFO
Crypto Memory Timeout Value 0x00002710



The timeout for the cryptographic service. Specify value within the minimum and maximum timeout value.
  • 0x7FFFFFFF: Maximum memory timeout value
  • 0x002710: Minimum memory timeout value
Memory AXI Manager Parameters
Enable Crypto Service 2

0, 1

Enables the cryptographic offloading feature. When set, enables the crypto AXI manager interface.
2 This feature is only available for Intel Agilex® 7 devices.