AN 836: RapidIO II Reference Design for Avalon-ST Pass-Through Interface

ID 683197
Date 12/18/2017

1.4.5. Register Address Map

Table 4.  Register Address Map
Module Base Address Offset Description
Transceiver Reconfiguration Port at RapidIO II IP 0x0000_0000 Full transceiver PCS and PMA registers Please refer to the Logical View Register Map of L-Tile transceivers.
Traffic Generator 0x0004_0000 0x0000 Main control

[0]- Start traffic

[4]- Stop traffic

0x0004 Packet size

[31:0]- Payload byte size. The default value is 64.

0x0008 Header size

[31:0]- Packet header size in bytes. The default value is 12.

0x000c IPG size

[31:0]- Intel Packet Gap in cycles. IDLE cycles inserted bt the Traffic Generator between the packets at the Avalon® -ST interface. The default value is 8.

0x0010 Packets to transmit

[31:0]- Packets to be generated.

0x0014 Source ID

[15:0]- Source ID value to be used in composed packets. The default value is 0xCCCC.

0x0018 Destination ID

[15:0]- Destination ID value to be used in composed packets. The default value is 0x5555.

0x001c Starting address

[31:0]- Starting address use for NWRITE transactions to be generated.

0x0020 Priority

[1:0]- Priority to be used for NWRITE transactions to be generated.

0x0024 RapidIO II IP Reset Control.

[0]- Resets the RapidIO II IP.

0x0028 Transceiver PCS/PMA Reset Control

[0]- Resets the transceiver PCS/PMA.

Statistics Module 0x0005_0000 0x0000 Main Control

[0]- Clears statistics

0x0004 Transmitted packet count
0x0008 Packets cancelled by transmit side
0x000c Packet Accepted Control Symbols transmitted
0x0010 Packets-Retrys Control Symbols transmitted
0x0014 Packets-Not-Accepted Control Symbols transmitted
0x0018 Packet Accepted Control Symbols received
0x001c Packet Retrys Control Symbols received
0x0020 Packets-Not-Accepted Control Symbols received
0x0024 Packet CRC Errors received
0x0028 Packets dropped by the Transport Layer
0x002c Control Symbol Errors
0x0030 Base Device ID (small) programmed
0x0034 Base Device ID (large) programmed
0x0038 Port Initialized
0x003c Link Initialized
0x0040 Port Ok
0x0044 Port Error
0x0048 Four Lanes aligned
0x004c Two Lanes aligned
0x0050 TX Analogreset (one bit per lane)
0x0054 TX Digitalreset (one bit per lane)
0x0058 RX Analogreset (one bit per lane)
0x005c RX Digitalreset (one bit per lane)
0x0060 RX is LockedToData (one bit per lane)
0x0064 RX Sync Status
0x0068 RX Signal Detect
0x006c Reset Controller TX Ready (one bit per lane)
0x0070 Reset Controller RX Ready (one bit per lane)
Traffic Checker 0x0006_0000 0x0000 Main control

[0]- Clears statistics

0x0004 NREADs count
0x0008 NWRITEs count
0x000c NWRITE_Rs count
0x0010 SWRITEs count
0x0014 Flow Control Types count
0x0018 Maintenance Read Request types
0x001c Maintenance Write Requests types
0x0020 Maintenance Read Response types
0x0024 Maintenance Write Response types
0x0028 Maintenance Port Writes
0x002c Data Stream Types count
0x0030 Doorbell Request Types
0x0034 Message Type count
0x0038 Response Types No Payload
0x003c Message Response Types
0x0040 Response Types with Payload
RapidIO II IP Register Access 0x0007_0000 Please refer to the Software Interface section in the RapidIO II IP core user guide  

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