Reed-Solomon II IP Core User Guide

ID 683144
Date 11/17/2015

2.1.2. Reed-Solomon II IP Core OpenCore Plus Timeout Behavior

All IP cores in a device time out simultaneously when the most restrictive evaluation time is reached. If a design has more than one IP core, the time-out behavior of the other IP cores may mask the time-out behavior of a specific IP core .

For IP cores, the untethered time-out is 1 hour; the tethered time-out value is indefinite. Your design stops working after the hardware evaluation time expires. The Quartus Prime software uses OpenCore Plus Files (.ocp) in your project directory to identify your use of the OpenCore Plus evaluation program. After you activate the feature, do not delete these files..

When the evaluation time expires, for encoders out_data goes low, rst goes high; for decoders, data goes low, rst goes high .

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