Reed-Solomon II IP Core User Guide

ID 683144
Date 5/02/2016

2.2. IP Catalog and Parameter Editor

The IP Catalog displays the installed IP cores available for your design. Double-click any IP core to launch the parameter editor and generate files representing your IP variation. Use the following features to help you quickly locate and select an IP core:
  • Filter IP Catalog to Show IP for active device family or Show IP for all device families. If you have no project open, select the Device Family in IP Catalog.
  • Type in the Search field to locate any full or partial IP core name in IP Catalog.
  • Right-click an IP core name in IP Catalog to display details about supported devices, open the IP core's installation folder, and click links to IP documentation.
  • Click Search for Partner IP, to access partner IP information on the Altera website.

The parameter editor prompts you to specify an IP variation name, optional ports, and output file generation options. The parameter editor generates a top-level Qsys system file (.qsys) or Quartus® Prime IP file (.qip) representing the IP core in your project. You can also parameterize an IP variation without an open project.

The IP Catalog is also available in Qsys (View > IP Catalog). The Qsys IP Catalog includes exclusive system interconnect, video and image processing, and other system-level IP that are not available in the Quartus® Prime IP Catalog. For more information about using the Qsys IP Catalog, refer to Creating a System with Qsys in Volume 1 of the Quartus® Prime Handbook.

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