AN 736: Nios II Processor Booting From Altera Serial Flash (EPCQ)

ID 683104
Date 5/20/2016

1.7.1. Memcpy-based Nios II Boot Copier

The Nios® II processor memcpy-based boot copier has the following features:

  • Supports EPCQ, CFI and Intel® on-chip flash (UFM) flash memories
  • Can locate software application in flash
  • Unpacks and copies software application image to Random Access Memory (RAM)
  • Automatically switches to application code in RAM after copy completes

The Nios® II processor boot copier is used when the Nios® II soft processor application is copied from EPCQ flash to RAM. The memcpy-based boot copier is automatically appended to the .hex file by the Nios® II SBT tool when the executable file (.elf) is converted to a memory initialization file (.hex) using the make mem_init_generate target. This operation takes place whenever the .text linker section is located in a different memory than where the reset vector points, which indicates a code copy is required. The function of the boot copier is to copy the software application to your desired location such as RAM. Once the copy is complete, the boot copier passes the system control to the application.

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