AN 425: Using the Command-Line Jam STAPL Solution for Device Programming

ID 683089
Date 12/09/2016
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1.7.2. Steps to Port the Jam STAPL Byte-Code Player

The default configuration of jbistub.c includes the code for DOS, 32 bit Windows, and UNIX. Because of this configuration, the source code is compiled and evaluated for the correct functionality and debugging on these operating systems.

For embedded environments, you can remove this code with a single #define preprocessor statement. In addition, porting the code involves making minor changes to specific parts of the code in jbistub.c.

Table 7.  Functions Requiring CustomizationThis table lists the jbistub.c functions that you must customize to port the Jam STAPL Byte-Code Player.
Function Description
jbi_jtag_io() Provides interfaces to the four IEEE 1149.1 JTAG signals, TDI, TMS, TCK, and TDO.
jbi_export() Passes information, such as the user electronic signature (UES), back to the calling program.
jbi_delay() Implements the programming pulses or delays needed during execution.
jbi_vector_map() Processes signal-to-pin map for non-IEEE 1149.1 JTAG signals.
jbi_vector_io() Asserts non-IEEE 1149.1 JTAG signals as defined in the VECTOR MAP.

Perform the steps in the following sections to ensure that you customize all the necessary codes.