Intel IPP Integration Wrappers Developer Guide and Reference

ID 751823
Date 1/18/2023
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IwColorFmt Enumerator

The IwColorFmt enumerator stores the color format IDs, the planar/interleaved flag and the number of channels/planes for each of the formats.

#define IWI_COLOR_IS_PLANAR(V)        ((V)&0x80000000)
#define IWI_COLOR_GET_PLANES(V)       (((V)>>24)&0xFF)
#define IWI_COLOR_GET_CHANNELS(V)     (((V)>>24)&0xFF)
#define IWI_COLOR_FORMAT(N, C)        ((N)|((C)<<24))
#define IWI_COLOR_FORMAT_PLANAR(N, P) ((N)|((P)<<24)(1<<31))

// Color formats enumerator
typedef enum _IwiColorFmt
    iwiColorUndefined   = IWI_COLOR_FORMAT(0x00,0),

    // Basic formats
    iwiColorGray        = IWI_COLOR_FORMAT(0x00,1),
    iwiColorRGB         = IWI_COLOR_FORMAT(0x01,3),
    iwiColorRGBA        = IWI_COLOR_FORMAT(0x02,4),
    iwiColorBGR         = IWI_COLOR_FORMAT(0x03,3),
    iwiColorBGRA        = IWI_COLOR_FORMAT(0x04,4),
} IwiColorFmt;