Intel IPP Integration Wrappers Developer Guide and Reference

ID 751823
Date 1/18/2023
Document Table of Contents

Signal Processing Structures


Structure that contains border sizes for signal filters:

typedef struct {
    IwSize borderLeft;
    IwSize borderRight;
} IwsBorderSize;


Structure that contains a region of interest for signal processing:

typedef struct {
    IwSize x;
    IwSize len;
} IwsRoi;


Base structure for signal processing functions to store input and output data:

typedef struct _IwsVector
    void           *m_pBuffer;      // Pointer to vector buffer. This variable must be NULL for any external buffer.
    void           *m_ptr;          // Pointer to the starting point of actual vector data. This pointer must be NULL for read-only vector.
    const void     *m_ptrConst;     // Pointer to the starting point of actual read-only vector data. This pointer is valid for any vector.
    IwSize          m_size;         // Vector size, in elements.
    IppDataType     m_dataType;     // Vector element type.
    int             m_typeSize;     // Size of vector element, in bytes.
    IwsBorderSize   m_inMemSize;    // Memory border size around the image data.
} IwsVector;


Main structure for semi-automatic ROI operations. This structure provides main context for tiling across IW API. It contains values for complex pipelines tiling:

    IwsRoi  m_srcRoi;       // Absolute ROI for source vector.
    IwsRoi  m_dstRoi;       // Absolute ROI for destination vector.

    int     m_initialized;  // Internal initialization states.
} IwsTile;