Intel IPP Integration Wrappers Developer Guide and Reference

ID 751823
Date 1/18/2023
Document Table of Contents

Filtering Structures and Enumerators


Enumerator of the derivative operator type:

typedef enum _IwiDerivativeType
    iwDerivHorFirst = 0,  // Horizontal first derivative
    iwDerivHorSecond,     // Horizontal second derivative
    iwDerivVerFirst,      // Vertical first derivative
    iwDerivVerSecond,     // Vertical second derivative
    iwDerivNVerFirst      // Negative vertical first derivative
} IwiDerivativeType;


Enumerator of the morphology operator type:

typedef enum _IwiMorphologyType
    iwiMorphErode  = 0, // Erode morphology operation
    iwiMorphDilate,     // Dilate morphology operation
    iwiMorphOpen,       // Open morphology operation
    iwiMorphClose,      // Close morphology operation
    iwiMorphTophat,     // Tophat morphology operation
    iwiMorphBlackhat,   // Blackhat morphology operation
    iwiMorphGradient    // Gradient morphology operation
} IwiMorphologyType;