Intel® Inspector User Guide for Linux* OS

ID 767796
Date 3/31/2023

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Specify the base directory for result paths.


-user-data-dir <PATH>


A string containing the PATH/name for the base directory. This may be an absolute path, or a path relative to the current working directory.


The current working directory unless the INSP_USER_DATA_DIR environment variable is defined.


Use the user-data-dir action-option when you want to specify the base directory of result directories, but still use the default names for result directories and files.

  • If used with the collect or collect-with actions, a default-named result directory is added below the specified base directory.

  • To generate a report or perform another action on results under this base directory, use the result-dir option to specify the path to the result directory.

  • If the INSP_USER_DATA_DIR environment variable is defined, this option overrides it.

Alternate Options

The result-dir action-option specifies the PATH/name of the directory in which the result is stored. If you want to use the default result directory name, but set a different path, use the user-data-dir option.


This command:

  • Runs a Detect Deadlocks and Data Races (ti2) analysis on the application myApp.

  • Creates the default-named r@@@ti2 result directory in the location specified by the user-data-dir action-option: G:\inspResults.

  • Generates a summary report of detected problems, and writes it to the inspxe-cl.txt file in the result directory.

$ inspxe-cl -collect ti2 -user-data-dir G:\inspResults -- myApp