Intel® Inspector User Guide for Linux* OS

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Date 3/31/2023

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Suppressions Support

You (and your development team) will always know more about your code than the Intel Inspector can ever know. For example:

  • Your team lead may know of error-prone third-party code.

  • Your team architect may know specific code passages are correct as coded.

  • You may know you are currently fixing a specific bug.

Suppressing known issues based on rules you define can improve your productivity by helping you focus on only those issues that currently require your attention.

Intel® Inspector offers a variety of ways to take advantage of the power of suppression rules:

You Can Do This

Using This

Helpful Information

Define suppression rules

Intel Inspector GUI


This is the recommended way to define suppressions.

Intel Inspector command line interface

Text editor

Edit suppression rules/files

Text editor

Convert third-party suppression files to the Intel Inspector suppression file format

Intel Inspector command line interface

Apply suppression rules/files

Intel Inspector GUI

Setting Project Properties-Advanced

Intel Inspector command line interface

Applying Suppression Files

Review/remove suppression rules/files

Intel Inspector GUI

Managing Suppression Rules

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