Intel® Inspector User Guide for Linux* OS

ID 767796
Date 3/31/2023

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Command Syntax

The Intel Inspectorinspxe-cl command syntax is:

$ inspxe-cl <-action> [-action-options] [-global-options] [-- application [application options]]


The name of the Intel Inspector command line tool.


The action to perform, such as collect or report. There must be only one action per command. So you cannot, for example, collect data and generate a report with the same command.


Action-options modify behavior specific to the action. You can have multiple action-options per action. Using an action-option that does not apply to the action results in a usage error.


Global-options modify behavior in the same manner for all actions. You can have multiple global-options per action.

[-- application]

The target application to analyze.


Options for the application.

  • To access the most current command line documentation: Enter inspxe-cl -help

  • To duplicate an analysis performed in the Intel Inspector GUI: Use the Command Line button on the Analysis Type window panes to copy the exact command to the clipboard.

Example #1

Display product version information.

$ inspxe-cl -version

Example #2

This example:

  • Runs a Detect Deadlocks and Data Races (ti2) analysis on the application myApp.

  • Stores the collected data in a result in the specified myRes result directory, which is created in the current working directory by default.

$ inspxe-cl -collect ti2 -result-dir ./myResult -- myApp


  • -collect = action

  • ti2 = argument of action

  • -result-dir = action-option

  • myResult = argument of action-option

  • myApp = target application


If you do not supply an absolute pathname for the application, system path environment settings are used to locate it.

Example #3

This example generates a mySup.sup suppression file for all problems in the specified myRes result directory.

$ inspxe-cl -create-suppression-file ./mySupFile -result-dir ./myRes


  • -create-suppression-file = action

  • mySup = argument of action

  • -result-dir = action-option

  • myRes = argument of action-option


The inspxe-cl tool appends a .sup extension if no extension is specified.