Customize Battle Elements with Warhammer II: The Laboratory

Push your enthusiast 8th generation Intel® Core™ i7 desktop processor to the limit in Warhammer II: The Laboratory, a brand new free game mode for Total War: WARHAMMER II, designed in collaboration with Intel.

Hi, I'm David Taylor, here at the Intel booth at GDC 2018, demoing Total War: Warhammer II: The Laboratory.

The Laboratory is free DLC game mode made in collaboration with Intel. We worked with the developers to add various sliders—16 different sliders—to change the way that you're able to play the game. You know, you can scale up or down the gravity. So when the big guy hits them, the AI goes flying into the air. You can up the count of troops that you have on the ground. Physics, particle effects, explosions, all these different sliders to mess with it so that you can really experiment, and just create as much chaos as you can in that game.

Core optimization is an important part in game development—being able to offer features to those who have high end systems. You can offload things from the GPU to get better performance, better frame rates, better physics, better AI interactions within the game. And for a game like Total Warhammer, where you're taking the troops, and telling them where to go, and the computer is telling where to send their troops, it really provides a whole new scope.

If you want to check out more on core optimization, and how you can take advantage of the most powerful CUPS, check out and check out Total War: Warhammer II with the free DLC, The Laboratory, out now.

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