Hot Spot Analysis

Quickly identify the most expensive events by their hardware bottlenecks.

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Multiframe Analysis

Capture a continuous stream of frames to identify intermittent rendering issues and spikes in frame times.

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System-Level Profiling

Correlate captured data from ETW events, ITT user markers, graphics API calls, and high-frequency metrics all in one timeline.

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Shader Profiling

Optimize shaders more efficiently by identifying the most expensive calls.

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What's New: Release 2021.3

  • Open a frame from multiqueue Microsoft DirectX* 12 applications using the Multiframe View window and analyze a frame in detail.
  • Search through and select resources quickly using the updated central panel for stream and frame captures.
  • Visualize the state structure for stream files in a way that is similar to the structure of DirectX 12 headers using the new combined state view for pipeline state objects (PSO) and non-PSOs.
  • Added functionality to the Intel GPA framework:
  • Capture, replay, and analyze streams from workloads that use the Sampler Feedback and Mesh Shaders feature of DirectX 12 Ultimate.
  • Improved support for deferred stream capture and playback for Direct3D* 12 applications.


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