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AI applications must necessarily achieve a high bar. They must crunch, assess, and accurately visualize enormous, complex datasets in real-time. They must be parallelized and optimized to run across multiple architectures.

The Intel® oneAPI AI Analytics Toolkit (powered by oneAPI) is purpose-built to help AI developers and data scientists meet all of those challenges.

In this session, Saumya Satish, product manager, Intel, delivers an overview of the toolkit, including its complement of software tools and frameworks that enable development and deployment of machine and deep learning models across XPUs.

The topic includes:

  • The toolkit’s oneAPI-powered collection of libraries and frameworks that provide drop-in application acceleration to exploit the cutting-edge features of modern hardware
  • How to maximize performance for model training, inference, and deployment
  • Optimized machine learning and data analytics Python packages

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Saumya Satish
Product manager, Intel Corporation

Saumya is a product manager for AI software products with a focus on deep learning and data analytics technologies. She is passionate about the developer ecosystem and is keen to provide the right set of tools that help developers build innovative applications, particularly AI, and machine learning domains. Since joining Intel in 2011, she has worked as a research scientist and technical evangelist on some of Intel’s Imaging and Computer Vision software products. Saumya holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering from University of Florida, Gainesville. A native of India, she is currently based in San Jose, California.


Intel® oneAPI AI Analytics Toolkit

Accelerate end-to-end machine learning and data science pipelines with optimized deep learning frameworks and high-performing Python* libraries.


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