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Search for an answer or post a new question in the FPGA Developers section of the Intel Community. The more details you provide, the better. Our technical support team will answer your question as quickly as possible.

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Check that your question is posted in the correct category. If you do not get a response within 10 business days, let us know by filling out a support request with the Intel® FPGA Academic Program.

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For a complete guide to all the documentation and other resources for programmable solutions products and tools, see Intel FPGA Support Resources.

Intel FPGA Technical Training has several learning plans for advanced topics categorized by existing knowledge. Courses that show a fee are free for professors and academic researchers.

Intel FPGA Technical Training

Yes, we are happy to share our materials with academia for non-commercial purposes. Submit a request and let us know how you intend to use the material.

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Academic Program Membership

To become a member in the Intel® FPGA Academic Program, you must be a faculty or staff member at an eligible academic institution. Eligible institutions include any not-for-profit university, college, secondary school, research institute, or education center. Unfortunately, we cannot grant membership to employees from institutions in countries that are currently under a United States embargo. To verify your status, you must apply using your academic email address and provide proof of employment. Accepted proof includes a faculty profile on your institution's website, a picture of your employee ID card, or an official letter of employment. If you feel your application was rejected by mistake, you are welcome to reapply.

Membership Overview

For legal reasons, any donations of hardware or software are considered the property of the institution, not the individual. Only employees can make this commitment on behalf of the institution. In addition, members are able to request access to our lab exercise solutions. To maintain the integrity of these solutions, we do not allow students to become members.

Most of our hardware development kits that are targeted for education are designed in partnership with Terasic. Terasic offers a discounted price on hardware for all levels of academia (including students), which can be purchased through their online marketplace. To set up a purchasing portal for students to buy hardware for a university lab or course, contact Terasic.

Purchase from Terasic

Hardware can also be purchased through your regional electronics supplier. Pricing may vary.

The Lite edition of Intel® Quartus® Prime Software Suite supports Intel's low-cost FPGA teaching kits and does not require a license. This edition is great for students' personal computers. If a student project requires Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition Software, we require a faculty adviser to apply for membership and a submit a license request on their behalf.

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We are happy to support classroom and extracurricular student projects. Your faculty adviser must apply for membership and submit requests on your behalf.

Our development kit partner, Terasic, extends the academic discount to Intel employees. You may make purchases via their online marketplace by selecting the academic price and providing a photo of your Intel ID. Purchase from Terasic

The Lite edition of Intel® Quartus® Prime Software Suite supports Intel's low-cost FPGA teaching kits and does not require a license. For other licenses, use the Employee Licensing Center.

Installation and Licensing


Software Licenses

To generate your license file, go to the Self-Service Licensing Center and sign in using your Intel username and password. For additional information and guides on how to use the Self-Service Licensing Center, visit Intel® FPGA Licensing Support.

Self-Service Licensing Center
Licensing Support

To renew your academic license, submit a renewal request. After your request is approved, to continue, go to the Self-Service Licensing Center. To prevent a lapse in coverage, apply three to four weeks before your license expires.

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This program only donates Intel® FPGA devices and development kits.

We have a limited number of sponsorship opportunities available each year. To request a sponsorship, submit your proposal using the support request form.

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Intel engineers and representatives of the Intel® FPGA Academic Program attend a number of research and academic conferences each year.

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