Intel® FPGA Software Download and Installation Support

Guide on how to download and install the Intel® FPGA Software.

Frequently Asked Questions About Licensing

  • Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro, Standard, and Lite Edition software (includes the Nios® II EDS plug-in and IP Library)
  • Intel® Quartus® Prime Help
  • Questa*-Intel® FPGA Edition software
  • DSP Builder for Intel® FPGAs
  • FLEXlm license server software
  • Intel® Advanced Link Analyzer
  • Stand-alone Intel® Quartus® Prime Programmer and Tools
  • Intel® High Level Synthesis Compiler
  • Intel® FPGA Power and Thermal Calculator
  • Intel® SoC FPGA Embedded Development Suite (SoC EDS)
  • Ashling* RiscFree* IDE for Intel FPGAs
  • Intel® FPGA AI Suite
  • Intel® Simics® simulator for Intel FPGAs (new)

  • Ensure your system meets the hardware and software requirements.
    • Ensure that your operating system is supported. Refer to Operating System Requirement for more information.
    • Check if the disk space is sufficient for the Intel FPGA software installation.
    • If you are running any antivirus software, temporarily disable it during the Intel Quartus Prime software download and installation process.
  • Install with Administrator privileges.
  • Verify the SHA1 checksum values of the installation files to detect any file corruption.

Retry the download and installation process with the latest software packages.