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Updated 9/26/2018
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In this week we will cover how we work with the structure of molecules and how we bring it to Blender*. Our team focused on a process that involves step by step implementation.

We will show how we use the structure of chemical compounds we saw in the previous blog.

What we will do

Now we will go through the steps of how we use different chemical compounds in our projects.

1. Identify the compounds

2.go to chemspider,find the compound

3.Save the compound

4.Go to Open Babel*

5.Convert the compound

6.Open Blender and import the compound


So lets’s start we will get started with water compound in chemspider.

Now we will save the compound in *.mol extension.

Now we will have to install Open Babel

This is the link

We will download the tool now for windows OS.

Lets go through the installation steps

It will have guided setup process.















Folllowing it the process of installation will be complete.Now we will open up the GUI option and import the molecule structure.


Now we will use the 937.mol structure which is of water molecule.

Now we will convert it

We will name it as water

After clicking on convert so successful convert will give us a message as shown below.

Now will use an interface for bringing this 3d model to unity so we will use Blender.

We will get blender from the following link

We will open blender

The landing page of blender looks like this.We need to delete the cube.

After deleting we will go to file -> user preferences ->àaddons->import/export(atomic blender:pdb)

We will import the pdb file after that.

It will look like the figure below.


In this week we have bought the 3d molecules to blender next week we will start working with importing to Unity.

The video for the blog