Video exclusive: Supergiant Games… Tree-Hit Combo

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Updated 11/12/2017
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Screenshot of Pyre Game

Supergiant Games burst onto the indie scene with the award winning Bastion, backed by an amazing story of a handful of developers crammed into one house, chasing the game-making dream.

The team’s second game, Transistor, also wowed fans and critics alike, proving the original success was no fluke. Now, with Pyre, the studio can safely say that it has established the Supergiant name as one that will mean quality in all its releases. The story of how each game came to be, and how the core team has remained together, is almost the ideal object lesson for aspiring developers.

Greg Kasavin from Supergiant walks us through the studio’s amazing story, and the processes and considerations that go into each decision they collectively make.

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