On-Chip Hot-Socketing & Power-Sequencing Support in Intel® FPGA Devices

Market Segment Application Examples
  • Hubs
  • Routers
  • Switches
Computing services
  • Workstations
  • Computer servers
Data storage
  • Data switches
  • Tape automation system
  • Storage system data centers
Wireless communications
  • Cellular base station infrastructure
Wire line communications
  • PBX and central office infrastructure
  Intel FPGA Hot-Socketable PLD (1) Sequenced Connectors Hot-Swap Controller
  • Includes no-hassle, drop-in implementation
  • Normal PLD functionality not influenced by power-up sequence (2)
  • Includes on-chip support (no external devices or board manipulation required) (3)
  • Guarantees that ground and power pins mate with the backplane before signal pins
  • Includes in-rush current protection
  • Includes power-up sequence control
Disadvantages -
  • May not work for multi-voltage systems
  • Requires careful on-board power distribution
  • Requires additional external device
  • Uses more board space
  • Contradicts with the pin-mating sequence requirements
  • Requires additional investments
  • May not guarantee hot-socketing capability of the PLD I/O buffers