Cadence NC-Sim Simulation Design Example



To get you started quickly on performing simulations with Cadence NC-Sim simulator, Intel offers a design example for use in designs for Intel® devices. The design example demonstrates gate-level timing simulation of Intel devices. The gate-level netlist and the Standard Delay Format (SDF) data for the design are produced from Intel Quartus® software after design compilation. Gate-level timing simulations of the netlist are performed with Cadence NC-Sim software to ensure that the synthesized netlist passes the functional specifications after the place and route (compilation) of your design.

The following entry mode(s) are used in this example:

  • Altera hardware description language (AHDL)
  • VHDL
  • MAX+PLUS® II Graphic Editor
  • Verilog hardware description language (HDL)
  • Tool command language (Tcl)
  • Intel Quartus development tool

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Design Examples Disclaimer

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