Mobileye Autonomous Cars Piloting in Paris

Employees from world-famous Galeries Lafayette in Paris can experience first autonomous rides by Mobileye and RATP Group.

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What’s New: Mobileye, an Intel company, is adding Paris to its rapidly expanding global autonomous vehicle (AV) testing program and announcing its first autonomous on-demand service in the city of Paris, in collaboration with RATP Group, the world's third-largest public transportation operator.

"As a leading operator of autonomous mobility, we are very happy to offer to our client Galeries Lafayette a new mobility service by associating our know-how with Mobileye. This is an opportunity for the RATP Group to test a new use case, an autonomous car service for companies, but also to test the vehicle's autonomous technology for possible integration on other transport modes such as a bus or minibus."

–Côme Berbain, director of Innovation for RATP Group

How It Works: Mobileye has obtained an AV testing permit to allow the company to drive its autonomous robotaxis on the streets of Paris.

Passengers who are part of the pilot will be among the first consumers to ride in a Mobileye AV, and the first to hail a robotaxi using the Moovit app that will be at the center of Mobileye’s MoovitAV consumer ridesharing service.

In collaboration with RATP, Mobileye organized an AV on-demand service that will provide employees from Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann the ability to request or schedule a ride to work using the Moovit app four days a week. Each Mobileye AV test vehicle is able to transport two passengers at a time, plus a Mobileye safety driver and an RATP co-pilot.

"Urban mobility is inseparable from the issues of our time and must enable us to meet the challenges of the sustainable city,” said Alexandre Liot, managing director of Galeries Lafayette Haussmann. “Today it is essential to think about improving and transforming mobility, to prepare the future of city centers and allow Paris to continue its attractiveness. Therefore, as the French leader of department stores, we are proud to join forces with Mobileye and the RATP Group to participate in this innovative project which reflects on the transport of tomorrow."

B-Roll Video: Footage shows a self-driving vehicle from Mobileye’s autonomous fleet driving through the streets of Paris. In December 2021, Mobileye announced it is adding Paris to its rapidly expanding global autonomous vehicle testing program. (Credit: Mobileye, an Intel Company)

Download video: "Mobileye Autonomous Vehicle Maneuvers the Streets of Paris (B-Roll)"

Why It Matters: With complex road systems and high volumes of pedestrians and traffic, cities like Paris pose a major challenge to human drivers and AVs alike. They represent essential testing fields to develop safe and comfortable driverless services on a global scale. Adding the French capital to Mobileye’s rapidly expanding portfolio of daunting AV testing environments marks another important step in moving the industry toward commercial readiness. Allowing customers to order their AV ride on-demand via the Moovit app lays an important foundation for Mobileye’s planned MoovitAV robotaxi service by gaining consumer awareness and confidence while gathering valuable insights and feedback from riders.

“Autonomously driving the roads of Paris is yet another milestone on the way to realizing our vision of self-driving inclusive mobility. We are happy to have not only gained the testing permit, but also strong partners in Paris,” said Johann Jungwirth, vice president of mobility-as-a-service at Mobileye.

In addition to testing in New York City this year, Mobileye is also operating autonomous vehicle test fleets in Munich, Detroit, Tokyo, JerusalemTel Aviv and China. The company is expected to launch commercial robotaxi services under the MoovitAV brand in Munich and Tel Aviv in 2022 after obtaining regulatory approval.

More Context: As Mobileye continues to execute its plan to enable autonomous driving, the versatility and scalability of the company’s portfolio comes into view. Mobileye recently shipped its 100 millionth EyeQ® system-on-chip, unveiled its production robotaxi and scaled its autonomous vehicle testing across multiple cities around the world, including the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Customers from across the mobility-as-a-service landscape are able to use Mobileye products and solutions to transition to driverless capabilities.

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Intel subsidiary Moovit, acquired in 2020, is a leading Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) provider. The company is guided by the idea that mobility should be a basic human right. For this purpose, Moovit developed an urban mobility app enabling people to get around cities quickly and easily using any mode of transportation. Today, Moovit has served more than one billion passengers in more than 112 countries. It offers a global consumer and transportation network that represents the ideal platform to put forth Mobileye’s AVs for commercial driverless ride-hailing. For more information:

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