Intel CEO Keynotes at IAA Mobility (Event Replay)

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger delivers the Day 1 closing keynote at IAA Mobility in Munich, Germany.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger delivered the Day 1 closing keynote at IAA Mobility in Munich, Germany. His presentation included information on how the company is addressing everything from chip shortages to acceleration of its global ambitions toward the autonomous future.

Intel, together with subsidiary Mobileye, has the vision along with the technical depth and breadth to help bring about the promises of digital mobility and full autonomy: safer roads, accessible mobility for all and more efficient transport of goods, among them.

Multiple guests joined Gelsinger on stage as he described Intel and Mobileye’s latest news.

Event Keynote Presentation: Out of the Garage and onto the Streets (PDF)

Event Keynote Demo Videos: Moblileye Autonomous Vehicle Safety Demo | Mobileye and SIXT Collaborate on Robotaxi Service

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