Mobileye Moves from the Garage to the Streets

Sleek new Mobileye robotaxi unveiled with launch of MoovitAV robotaxi service.

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What’s New: Mobileye, an Intel company, today unveiled the 6-passenger, road-ready electric autonomous vehicle (AV) that will be used for commercial driverless ride-hailing services in Tel Aviv and Munich starting in 2022. Equipped with the Mobileye Drive™ self-driving system featuring 8 EyeQ™5 SoCs in the AVKIT58, the all-electric Mobileye AVs will operate under the MoovitAV service branding.

“Mobileye is passionate about bringing autonomous vehicles to consumers. The new Mobileye AV, accessible through the MoovitAV service, is an important milestone on the way to a driverless world.”

–Prof. Amnon Shashua, Mobileye chief executive officer

Why It Matters: Getting to full autonomy requires solutions that can scale. Mobileye’s AV was designed from the ground up to scale both economically and geographically while addressing the essential attributes of efficiency, accessibility and safety. It is the first AV to employ all features of the Mobility trinity, including the True Redundancy™ sensing solution with cameras, radar and lidar sensors, Mobileye’s crowd-sourced Roadbook™ AV map, and Responsibility-Sensitive Safety (RSS) driving policy.

The Mobileye Drive™ self-driving system features the AVKIT58 with 8 EyeQ™5 system-on-chips. Measuring 324 x 232 x 89 mm and coming in at 192 TOPs at just 650 watts, this water cooled, level 4 compute system with redundant PCBs and power supply is believed to be the most power-performance efficient AV system on the market today.  (Credit: Mobileye, an Intel Company)

About More Uses: The same Mobileye Drive self-driving system used in Mobileye‘s AV can be used in a variety of vehicle types for the movement of goods and people, making it perhaps the most versatile self-driving solution available today. For example, Mobileye plans to collaborate with Schaeffler to build a self-driving chassis that can be used in building autonomous shuttles. Mobileye also previously announced an agreement with Udelv to supply Mobileye Drive for the autonomous Udelv Transporter for last-mile goods delivery. Also previously announced was an agreement with Transdev and Lohr to produce and deploy autonomous shuttles in France and Germany.

About Moovit AV Services: Intel subsidiary Moovit, with its global consumer and transportation network, offers the ideal platform to put forth Mobileye’s AVs for commercial driverless ride-hailing. Mobileye AVs will wear the MoovitAV services branding to help consumers know where to go to hail one of the new AVs. The new service is expected to begin operations in Munich in 2022 in cooperation with Sixt SE, as well as in Tel Aviv.

More Context: As Mobileye continues to execute its plan to enable autonomous driving, the versatility and scalability of the company’s portfolio comes into view. Customers from across the mobility-as-a-service landscape are able to use Mobileye products and solutions to transition to driverless capabilities. In addition to Sixt SE and Schaeffler, Mobileye has previously announced joint autonomous efforts with Transdev and Udelv.

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