Intel Innovation: Ubiquitous Computing News

By building an open environment, Intel is driving the future of the PC.



Compute capabilities permeate every aspect of our existence, serving as the human to technology interaction point across existing devices and emerging form factors. Soon, we will all have thousands of devices at our immediate disposal. By the end of this decade, there will be the potential for every human to have 1 petaflop of compute and 1 petabyte of data, less than 1 millisecond away.

By breaking down walled gardens and building an open environment, Intel is driving the future of the PC – new CPUs, GPUs and platform advancements – creating huge opportunities for developers to create amazing experiences.

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Data Science Solution for Simplified AI Development

Data scientists can now iterate, visualize and analyze complex data at scale with the highest memory configuration of any similar offerings with this new solution powered by Intel® Core™ and Intel® Xeon® architecture. Combining workstation hardware and Intel® oneAPI AI Analytics toolkit to enable “out of the box” AI development, this solution is now available on Linux-based mobile and desktop workstations from Dell, HP and Lenovo.  Addressing the technology constraints data scientists often confront in the pre-processing and data preparation phase in the AI lifecycle, the data science workstation solution allows terabytes of data to be processed in seconds.

Lenovo will be the first to deliver a factory pre-install of this toolkit along with a custom Linux OS built on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. This will result in a seamless out-of-the-box experience for data scientists, allowing them to immediately focus on productivity gains.

In addition, Intel’s collaboration with Microsoft has now made it possible to bring a full set of apps for the best developer experience when using Microsoft Visual Studio, WSL2 and Intel’s oneAPI toolkit for Machine Learning and AI development. This means that with devices like the new Surface Laptop Studio – powered by 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors and up to 32GB of RAM – developers and data scientists will have the tools they need wherever they’re working.

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Optimizing for the Intel Arc Family of Graphics

Designed to be gaming-first, the first generation of Intel® Arc™ high-performance discrete GPUs (code-named “Alchemist”) will offer Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) – a novel upscaling technology that game developers are now integrating into their games. XeSS takes advantage of machine learning and Alchemist’s built-in XMX AI accelerators to deliver high-performance and high-fidelity visuals.  XeSS is implemented using open standards to ensure wide availability on many games and across a broad set of shipping hardware. In addition, Alchemist will support Deep Link technology on Intel platforms, with new computing capabilities including Hyper Encode, allowing simultaneous acceleration of a single video file transcode across integrated and discrete graphics engines.

Intel Empowers PC Game Developers

Intel has revamped the Intel® GameDev Program with an improved set of best-in-class services for all levels of PC game developers as they build and bring games to market.

“Game developers want two things – to make an awesome game and grow their player base,” said Steven Augustine, director of Software Marketing and Experiences at Intel. “At Intel, our goal is to empower all game developers to create incredible gaming experiences and get them into the hands of gamers everywhere. The new and improved Intel GameDev Program delivers on this promise.”

The Intel GameDev Program offers PC game developers end-to-end support throughout their journey – from development through go-to-market – with two categories of support.

Premium technical resources, including:

  • Technical support: Live, 24/7 access to Intel experts through community forums and the Intel® Premier Support web ticketing system to create best-in-class experiences on Intel products.
  • Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA): Tools to help developers analyze and resolve game performance issues, such as intermittent glitches, random hitches and multi-frame algorithm issues. Developers can capture frames with the graphics monitor in Intel GPA or with the new Intel GPA plugin for Unreal Engine.
  • Best-in-class resources: Documentation, guides, tutorials, code samples and other resources (including a GitHub repository of sample projects) to help troubleshoot issues and jumpstart development.
  • Intel Innovator program: A selective program providing early access to Intel resources, hardware and an inspirational community of developers.

World-class support, including:

  • GameDev Boost: Co-marketing opportunities that include social promotions, inclusion in Intel marketing campaigns, event demonstrations and game bundle inclusions to help developers expand their reach.
  • Unique PC market insights: Access to Intel’s marketing data that help guide developer business decisions.

Game developers can learn more about how the Intel GameDev Program works and sign up on to participate.