Intel Innovation 2021

Intel returns to its developer roots, highlighting a renewed commitment to the community and a developer-first approach.

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At Intel Innovation, the first event in the new Intel ON series, Intel’s leaders confirmed the company’s return to its developer roots, highlighting a renewed commitment to the community and a developer-first approach across software and hardware. Announcements spanning new products, developer tools and technologies underscore Intel’s focus on empowering an open ecosystem, ensuring choice for developers to use the tools and environments they prefer, and building trust and partnership across cloud service providers, open source communities, startups and others.

Intel’s collaborations with partners and customers including Alibaba, Argonne, AT&T, Google Cloud, Microsoft, Si Pearl and others showcase the power of open ecosystem to create world-changing technology.


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12th Gen Intel Core

Developer/oneAPI News

Intel returns to its developer roots, highlighting a renewed commitment to the community and a developer-first approach across software and hardware. Intel outlined key investments for developers, including a unified and more comprehensive Developer Zone, oneAPI 2022 toolkits and new oneAPI Centers of Excellence. All intended to improve access to resources that simplify development. Topic Headlines: Intel Launches Unified Developer Zone | Intel Unveils oneAPI 2022, Boosts Ecosystem with New Centers of Excellence

Ubiquitous Computing News

Compute capabilities permeate every aspect of our existence, serving as the human to technology interaction point across existing devices and emerging form factors. Soon, we will all have thousands of devices at our immediate disposal. By the end of this decade, there will be the potential for every human to have 1 petaflop of compute and 1 petabyte of data, less than 1 millisecond away. By breaking down walled gardens and building an open environment, Intel is driving the future of the PC – new CPUs, GPUs and platform advancements – creating huge opportunities for developers to create amazing experiences. Topic Headlines: Data Science Solution for Simplified AI Development | Optimizing for the Intel Arc Family of Graphics | Intel Empowers PC Game Developers

Artificial Intelligence News

Intel’s deep investments in developer ecosystems, tools, technology and an open platform are clearing the path forward to scale artificial intelligence everywhere. Intel’s role is to responsibly scale this technology. Intel has made AI more accessible and scalable for developers through extensive optimizations of popular libraries and frameworks on Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. Intel’s investment in multiple AI architectures to meet diverse customer requirements, using an open standards-based programming model, makes it easier for developers to run more AI workloads in more use cases. Many of the world’s leading organizations leverage Intel AI to solve complex tasks. Topic Headlines: Intel Targets a 30x Total AI Performance Gain by 2022 | Alibaba Recommendation Engine Toolkits Optimized on Intel | Extensive Tool Optimizations Makes It Easier to Run AI Everywhere | Intel AI Global Impact Festival Makes AI More Accessible

Cloud-to-Edge Infrastructure News

Computing is spreading across heterogeneous fabrics of CPUs, GPUs, application accelerators, interconnect processors, edge-computing devices and FPGAs – all of which require persistent memory and software to bind these elements into a complete solution. The race is on to generate, store and analyze data at zettascale levels. It took over 12 years to get from petascale to exascale computing. Intel has challenged itself to make it to zetta in five years: zetta 2027.  Central to this goal is Intel’s work with the open ecosystem to ensure developers have optimized tools and software environments to accelerate their deployments. Topic Headlines: Intel and SiPearl Accelerate Europe’s Exascale Computing Program | Prepping Developer Ecosystem for Next-Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

Pervasive Connectivity News

Developers play a crucial role in creating and programming the network of the future, and they need to have the freedom to move at the speed of software. And, Intel has been there – pioneering the transition to network function virtualization and software-defined networking in communications networks, and now extending programmability across network workloads. Intel’s leaders believe networking includes every aspect of how devices connect to each other, from the cloud to the edge, wherever "packets" are being sent. As the only company offering a comprehensive set of hardware and software, Intel is enabling developers to create an end-to-end programmable network – from Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and next-generation Intel® Xeon® D processors to infrastructure processing units (IPUs) to new P4-programmable Intel® Tofino™ 3 Intelligent Fabric Processor (IFP) with up to 25.6Tb per second bandwidth, the most programmable switches in the industry. Topic Headlines: Intel Intelligent Fabric Leverages Hardware and Software | Intel and Google Cloud Together on the Design, Development of IPU | Intel Tofino 3 Adds Intelligence to Switching | Next-Generation Intel Xeon D Processor is Built for the Edge | AT&T will Use Intel Silicon for vRAN Network Deployment | Intel Helps DEKA Deliver Power Efficiency for Roxo, the FedEx SameDay Bot