Frequently Asked Questions

Intel® AI: In Production is an ecosystem focused on reducing deployment complexities so that its partners can accelerate getting their AI products and solutions to market. AI: In Production also helps promote these AI products and solutions within the ecosystem, amplifying offerings and increasing collaboration between partners and their customers.

Intel AI: In Production is available for participation by many different types of partners who focus on AI at the edge, or IoT products and solutions:

·        Equipment Providers

·        Software and Analytics Providers

·        System Integrators

·        Platform Providers

·        IoT Aggregators and Distributors

Whether your company is still in the prototyping phase or you have a commercially available AI at the edge product, AI: In Production will provide value during your journey. For the prototyping or development phase, visit Develop AI at the Edge to find valuable resources, tools, and products to accelerate the development journey. When you have a commercially available AI offering, fill out the Intel® AI In Production partner questionnaire to begin our co-marketing journey together.

Intel® AI: In Production provides development resources and support for companies who are prototyping AI at the edge solutions. By offering both development and scale support, companies receive continued Intel resources and support based on their individual needs. Intel® AI: In Production provides partners the opportunity to create and then scale end-to-end solutions that help take prototypes to production.


The Intel® AI: In Production ecosystem is specifically designed to assist partner solutions for AI at the edge, or edge inferencing. If you want Intel's support to build models or train in the cloud, visit Intel® AI Builders

Intel® AI: In Production helps partners who are focused on developing AI at the edge solutions with either their development needs or their marketing needs.


Once you have a commercially available offering focused at the edge leveraging Intel's edge AI capability, you are ready to join the AI: In Production ecosystem for amplification, promotion, and marketing.

  • Equipment Providers: deliver a system leveraging a combination of Intel® CPU, GPU, or VPU
  • Software and Analytics Providers: optimize with the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit

Upon meeting this criteria, the next step is to apply to become a partner: Apply here. An Intel representative will reach out to you shortly after your application is received and will review it for eligibility.