FPGA AI Suite: Compiler Reference Manual

ID 768972
Date 3/29/2024

4.11. The Partitioning Table Report

When the dla_compiler tool invokes the OpenVINO™ HETERO plugin, the plugin creates a file named hetero_subgraphs_<graph_name>.dot that is a visual representation of the graph where the graph layers are annotated to indicate if the layer runs on the CPU or the FPGA device.

You can use the dot program from the Graphviz open source graph visualization software package to convert .dot files into formats that are more easily viewable, such as SVG.

You can open an SVG file directly in most web browsers, including Mozilla* Firefox*.

For example, to create an SVG file from a hetero_subgraphs_ResNet50.dot file generated by the OpenVINO™ HETERO plugin, run the following command:
dot -Tsvg hetero_subgraphs_ResNet50.dot -o subgraphs.svg

Open subgraphs.svg in a web browser to view the visualization of the graph layers.