FPGA AI Suite: Compiler Reference Manual

ID 768972
Date 3/29/2024

2. About the FPGA AI Suite Compiler

The FPGA AI Suite compiler (the dla_compiler command) is built on the OpenVINO™ framework. The compiler for a specific release of the FPGA AI Suite depends on a specific OpenVINO™ version. For details, review the I Getting Started Guide.

In the FPGA AI Suite, the compiler does the following tasks:

  • Generates optimized FPGA AI Suite architecture configurations suitable for executing a given set of OpenVINO™ graphs within specified system constraints.
  • Estimates the performance of an OpenVINO™ graph on a given Intel® FPGA AI Suite architecture.
  • Estimates the FPGA resource requirements for a given parameterization of the IP.
  • Produces compiled binaries of OpenVINO™ graphs suitable for execution on a given FPGA AI Suite architecture.