E-Tile Hard IP Agilex™ 7 Design Example User Guide: Ethernet, E-tile CPRI PHY and Dynamic Reconfiguration

ID 683860
Date 4/30/2024
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2.3.3. 100GE MAC+PCS with Optional RS-FEC Design Example Interface Signals

The E-tile Ethernet IP for Intel Agilex® 7 FPGA testbench is self-contained and does not require you to drive any input signals.

Table 11.  100GE MAC+PCS with Optional RS-FEC Hardware Design Example Interface Signals
Signal Direction Description
clk50 Input Drive at 50 MHz. The intent is to drive this from a 50 Mhz oscillator on the board.
i_clk_ref Input Drive at 156.25 MHz.
cpu_resetn Input Resets the IP core. Active low. Drives the global hard reset csr_reset_n to the IP core.
i_rx_serial[3:0] Input Transceiver PHY input serial data.
o_tx_serial[3:0] Output Transceiver PHY output serial data.
user_led[3:0] Output Status signals. Currently the design example drives all of these signals to a constant value of 0. The hardware design example connects these bits to drive LEDs on the target board.