eCPRI Intel® FPGA IP Design Example User Guide

ID 683837
Date 10/01/2021

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A. Generating and Downloading the Executable and Linking Format (.elf) Programming File

This section describes how to generate and download the .elf file to the board:
  1. Change directory to <design_example_dir>/synthesis/quatus.
  2. In the Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition software, click Open Project and open <design_example_dir>/synthesis/quartus/epri_ed.qpf. Now select Tools > Nios II Software Build Tools for Eclipse.
    Figure 9. Nios II Software Build Tools for Eclipse
  3. The Workspace Launcher window prompt appears. In the Workspace specify the path as <design_example_dir>/synthesis/quatus to store your Eclipse project. The new Nios II - Eclipse window appears.
    Figure 10. Workspace Launcher Window
  4. In the Nios II - Eclipse window, righ-click under Project Explorer tab, and select New > Nios® II Board Support Package. The new window appears.
    Figure 11. Project Explorer Tab
  5. In the Nios II Board Support Package window:
    • In the Project name parameter, specify your desired project name.
    • In the SOPC Information File name parameter, browse to the location of <design_example_dir>/synthesis/ip_components/nios_system/nios_system.sopcinfo file. Click Finish.
    Figure 12. Nios II Board Support Package Window
  6. The newly created project appears under Project Explorer tab in Nios II - Eclipse window. Right-click under Project Explorer tab, and select Nios II > Nios II Command Shell.
    Figure 13. Project Explorer- Nios II Command Shell
  7. In the Nios II Command Shell, type the three following commands:
    nios2-bsp hal bsp ../../nios_system/nios_system.sopcinfo
    nios2-app-generate-makefile --app-dir app --bsp-dir bsp --elf-name\ nios_system.elf --src-dir ../../../ed_fw
    make --directory=app
  8. The .elf file is generated in the following location: <design_example_dir>/synthesis/ip_components/software/<desired_project_name>/app.
  9. Type the following command in the Nios II Command Shell to download the .elf to the board:
    • For Intel® Stratix® 10:
      nios2-download -g -r -c 1 -d 2 --accept-bad-sysid app/nios_system.elf
    • For Intel® Agilex™ :
      nios2-download -g -r -c 1 -d 1 --accept-bad-sysid app/nios_system.elf