Intel Agilex® 7 General-Purpose I/O User Guide: F-Series and I-Series

ID 683780
Date 4/19/2023

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2.5.2. I/O Standards Implementation Based on VCCIO_PIO Voltages

The following guidelines apply to I/O standards based on the VCCIO_PIO voltages.


If you use a 1.2 V VCCIO_PIO, you can implement single-ended non-voltage referenced and voltage-referenced I/O standards. The 1.2 V buffer also supports differential voltage-referenced I/O and true differential input standards.

You can implement a mix of both voltage-referenced and non-voltage referenced I/O, and true differential input standards within the I/O bank.


If you use a 1.5 V VCCIO_PIO voltage, you can implement only the True Differential Signaling I/O standard. The buffer can interface with upstream or downstream devices that are compatible with the F-Series and I-Series FPGAs electrical specifications.

Analyze the electrical specification requirement to implement your true differential receiver.

Implement DC coupling if the signal swing and offset voltage requirement are within the F-Series and I-Series True Differential Signaling standard specification. Otherwise, implement AC coupling and external bias circuitry.