Quick-Start for Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition Software

ID 683769
Date 10/22/2018

Step 5: Configure your Design on the Board

Once your design meets the specifications, you can create programming files and upload those files to the device.
Note: This stage assumes that you correctly connected the target device to the computer.
Figure 5.  Intel® Quartus® Prime Programmer
  1. In the Compilation Dashboard, run the Assembler stage to generate programming files.
  2. Open the Programmer by clicking Tools > Programmer.
  3. In the Programmer window, click Hardware Setup.
  4. Select the hardware for the device, and click Close.
  5. Click Auto Detect to detect devices connected to the computer.
  6. Click the target device in the device list.
  7. Click the programming file that you want to upload to the device, and click Start.
    When the Programmer finishes, the Progress bar on the upper left corner of the window indicates the outcome.
For more information about programming devices, refer to Programming Intel FPGA devices chapter in the Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition Handbook Volume 3.

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