Intel® Acceleration Stack for Intel® Xeon® CPU with FPGAs Version 1.1 Release Notes: Intel FPGA Programmable Acceleration Card N3000

ID 683749
Date 7/01/2021

Intel Acceleration Stack v1.1 for Intel FPGA PAC N3000 Reference Table

The following table provides key firmware (FW) versions for this release. To identify the current firmware version in your Intel® FPGA PAC N3000, use the OPAE command: fpgainfo fme.

Note: Only install OPAE tools and drivers that correspond to your specific software package.
Table 2.  Reference Table
Design Configuration PR Interface ID Bitstream ID Intel® MAX® 10 NIOS FW Intel® MAX® 10 Build
2x2x25 GbE a5d72a3c-c8b0-4939-912c-f715e5dc10ca 0x2300041001030F D.2.0.19 D.2.0.6
4x25 GbE f3c99413-5081-4aadbced-07eb84a6d0bb 0x2300011001030F D.2.0.19 D.2.0.6
8x10 GbE 901dd697-ca79-4b05-b843-8138cefa2846 0x2300001001030F D.2.0.19 D.2.0.6