Intel Agilex® 7 Configuration User Guide

ID 683673
Date 8/14/2023

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4.5.1. Device Initialization

The following steps summarize device initialization:
  1. An external host drives a configuration request to the Secure Device Manager (SDM) by driving nCONFIG high. The SDM exits the IDLE state and signals the beginning of configuration by driving nSTATUS high and driving configuration data.
  2. The SDM asserts CONF_DONE indicating that the Intel FPGA has successfully received all the configuration data.
  3. The SDM uses the configuration logic to enable and initialize user registers in the LABs, DSP, and embedded memory blocks.
  4. The SDM drives INIT_DONE to indicate that the device has fully entered user mode. The Reset Release IP asserts nINIT_DONE. Intel recommends that you use nINIT_DONE to gate your reset logic.
  5. The FPGA is now in user mode and ready for operation.