Putting Altera MAX Series in Hibernation Mode Using User Flash Memory

ID 683668
Date 1/14/2016

1.3.4. User Flash Memory Instantiation Module

This module instantiates the UFM of the device and all communications with the UFM goes through this module. This example application is using the Altera Serial Interface (NONE) of the user flash memory (ALTUFM_NONE) IP core. The data controller is created based on the interface protocol of this IP core.

The UFM has two sectors. The example application uses sector 0 of the UFM for data storage purposes. You can use sector 1 for storing other user data. Erasing sector 0 does not affect the data in sector 1.

Using this IP core, you can also utilize the internal oscillator of the supported Altera device. Other modules in the design use the oscillator output as the clock source. The frequency of the oscillator output is between 3.3 MHz and 5.5 MHz.